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BKF Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Re: federal student loan consolidation

Understand that generally speaking, federal student loan consolidation is going to be a non event if your aim is to live a cash based lifestyle from here on.

At the end of the day you will simply be able to organize your various student loan payments into one payment which doesn’t hurt you.

However, for those debt slaves trying to take out a mortgage, remember when we showed you how having student loans is the only credit history you need for being approved for a mortgage?

When you consolidate your student loans, the old loans are paid off and a NEW loan is created on your report containing those balances.

Meaning this will lower your average account age and show a reduction in that account history.

It will also create a hard inquiry on your account that definitely affects the debt you’re trying to take out.

Now you know.


FICO.pngMortgage Student Loans 2016.png

Note: if you extend your term in any loan consolidation, student loan or otherwise, you need to be slapped with a wooden dildo. Being impatient and going into debt is what got you here. Staying in debt LONGER is not going to get you out.

I need you to go sit in the corner and think about your actions.

Rental vs Home-loaner


RentvsBuyUltimate2 .png

You “need” to stop it.


You will fail at life time and time again when you use the term “need” right before making financial decisions.

There’s an army of black folks cussing at me as we speak saying “but what if I do need it!”

Answer: You don’t.

And that NEEDs to be what you tell yourself before every single time you decide to open your purse or wallet.

Consumer behavior is about psychology. Math isnt even a blip on the radar until AFTER your psychology has already done its damage.

How you verbally position your purchases is how you financially position your wealth.

“I need a new phone”

“I need a bigger house” Continue reading “You “need” to stop it.”

The J.P. Lynn Guide to the Internet


**Internet rule #1 – never argue with idiots.

How do you know an idiot?

They’re trying to argue on the internet.

**Internet Rule #2 – never tolerate a pitch for a pyramid scheme or MLM scam. (when they out themselves, post their profile name, put them on blast and block them as well)

We at BKF University, have no time for your malarky with these schemes in our already struggling community.

**Internet rule #3 – learn how to spot a “hood unicorn”. If you don’t know what a hood unicorn is, you’ll just have to take the L. Or you can keyword search some of our previous posts. Continue reading “The J.P. Lynn Guide to the Internet”

The B.O.B. Customer Service Enigma


Let me explain to you how f*d up in the head we are to our own people and how that subsequently places us on path to lose for years to come.

You take any majority black neighborhood and you will find the following:

Jack n The Boxes
Carls Jrs
Taco Bells
Pizza Huts
Church’s Chickens
Continue reading “The B.O.B. Customer Service Enigma”

Be smart. Don’t go further into debt for a wedding.


I made a post online one day that sums up what this post is about: “plan your marriage, f*ck the wedding.”

Harsh? Perhaps.

But after you’ve spent a fortune paying for a wedding, reality sets in and the food is no longer catered, your best man and maid of honor are nowhere to be found during intense arguments and you could find yourself deep in debt after wining and dining 250 of your “closest” family and friends.

Remember, the average cost U.S. couples spend on a wedding today is $26,444. This doesn’t even take into consideration the engagement ring, prenuptial agreement or honeymoon costs. (In many locations like Los Angeles, the average for a wedding can be as high as $40k.) Continue reading “Be smart. Don’t go further into debt for a wedding.”

EV Math in California

Everywhere I go in L.A. ppl with luxury gas guzzlers stop me at the light and ask me how much I pay (or dont)

Here’s how the math on my electric car works:
$30k car

$10k prepayment in full of 36 month lease

$2,500 CA rebate (or $69/month off car)

$179/month effective lease

$60 insurance

No gas

No oil changes

Carpool lane access

Total all inclusive auto cost: $239/month
Here’s how the math goes on the typical mid-priced sedan:

$30k car

60 month loan

$579/month payment

$180/month gas

$110/month insurance

Total cost: $869/month
You have any idea the ridiculous amount of things you could do with that difference in cash flow consistently over a long period of time?


BKF Group Economics

It amazes me how so many of us refrain from not only talking about teaming up but refrain from DOING something about teaming up.
And no I’m not simply talking about blacks buying from black owned businesses. That has been rhetoric we’ve been pushing for 5 decades and it has gone nowhere.
What I’m talking about is the actual nuts and bolts of the group economics concept.
Group economics is the sustained economic progress of a group fueled by internal members OF that group. The group in this case is the African American community in the United States.
But the problem is you can’t just jump out the bushes and yell at everyone into buying things from black owned businesses. There has to BE black owned businesses created as the demand for these products and services is created.
Wonder why there won’t be any black owned businesses to support any demand we artificially guilt people into creating? Those businesses have no CAPITAL to be formed. Those who have been formed have no CAPITAL to grow.
Why don’t they have capital to grow?
Because Blacks are fundamentally against coming together and investing into these companies for startup and growth.
A LOAN WILL NOT HELP YOU START A BUSINESS. INVESTMENT is how you start a business. Try the former and you will become a statistic.
I’m talking about the actual “group investment” portion of “group economics.”in addition to your OWN investment.
If you want to start a rental income property business, and your company’s first multi unit property costs $60k in Detroit, but you have neither the full $60k in cash nor all of the skills necessary to engage in the rental income industry, as the average black person you will simply let years go by as you talk about what you want to do.
Or as a BKF student, you will instead think about how many people that you know you need to bring together TO make it happen. It takes 10 people with $6k each to run that business, 6 people with $10k each or 3 people with $20k each.
The average black person will say “well I don’t trust anyone” or “I don’t know anyone with $6k” and thats IF they have $6k themselves.
The BKF student has already stopped reading this post and set their plan in motion sans excuses.
If it takes $20k to start a box of the week delivery service where you curate other’s products for people you buy from wholesale, who are you going to partner with for their $10k half of those costs? Someone only wants to invest and not be a partner? Who are you going to partner with for their $5k portion to match your $5k portion which apparently also has $10k in angel investment already pledged?
If you want to start a business that sells a specific tech related product that you know will take $50k just to develop the protoype, then another $150k to produce and distribute, figure out how to bring your plans in front of Nas’ Queenbridge capital, The Winner’s Circle Group, Google Ventures and a mixture of other sources of funding described in
We are only limited by the excuses we tell ourselves, our brotherly hatred and lack of unity.
Our people are currently here:
Individually consume –> maybe think about individually producing
We need to be here:
Invest –> produce –> consume a group.
We are the only ones not participating in ‘the’ sharing economy as well as not sharing in our ‘own’ economy.
A small percentage of us will ever be business owners.
But we won’t get anywhere unless each of us become investors.
How do you become an investor?
Stop consuming every other race & nationality’s products so d$%m much so you can reduce your liabilities.
Once you’ve reduced your own liabilities, this will in turn increase your cashflow.
Your job is to invest that cashflow.
Buying products from Blacks owned business, while important, is NOT the same as investing in Black owned businesses.
There will be no products worth buying unless we invest to have those products developed in the first place.

Continue reading “BKF Group Economics”

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