BKF Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Re: federal student loan consolidation

Understand that generally speaking, federal student loan consolidation is going to be a non event if your aim is to live a cash based lifestyle from here on.

At the end of the day you will simply be able to organize your various student loan payments into one payment which doesn’t hurt you.

However, for those debt slaves trying to take out a mortgage, remember when we showed you how having student loans is the only credit history you need for being approved for a mortgage?

When you consolidate your student loans, the old loans are paid off and a NEW loan is created on your report containing those balances.

Meaning this will lower your average account age and show a reduction in that account history.

It will also create a hard inquiry on your account that definitely affects the debt you’re trying to take out.

Now you know.

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You “need” to stop it.


You will fail at life time and time again when you use the term “need” right before making financial decisions.

There’s an army of black folks cussing at me as we speak saying “but what if I do need it!”

Answer: You don’t.

And that NEEDs to be what you tell yourself before every single time you decide to open your purse or wallet.

Consumer behavior is about psychology. Math isnt even a blip on the radar until AFTER your psychology has already done its damage.

How you verbally position your purchases is how you financially position your wealth.

“I need a new phone”

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The J.P. Lynn Guide to the Internet


**Internet rule #1 – never argue with idiots.

How do you know an idiot?

They’re trying to argue on the internet.

**Internet Rule #2 – never tolerate a pitch for a pyramid scheme or MLM scam. (when they out themselves, post their profile name, put them on blast and block them as well)

We at BKF University, have no time for your malarky with these schemes in our already struggling community.

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The B.O.B. Customer Service Enigma


Let me explain to you how f*d up in the head we are to our own people and how that subsequently places us on path to lose for years to come.

You take any majority black neighborhood and you will find the following:

Jack n The Boxes
Carls Jrs
Taco Bells
Pizza Huts
Church’s Chickens
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