Renting a car like you’ve got some sense

“But I can’t rent a car without a credit card!”
Really? Reaaaally?
What is this 1988? All winner’s circle members do is travel and rent cars. These credit card commercials really have folks jacked up in the head huh?
In 2016 you have so many options its not even funny. Whatever you allow someone to do, they will do it. You cant just allow society to dictate things and you not ask questions or say “I refuse”.
Step 1: stop renting like its 1988. There is no good reason to rent from traditional car rental companies. Use the Turo app (including my discount of $25 off your first rental).

Use the Skurt app – they’ll actually bring inexpensive cars TO you.

Use zipcar and cars2go.

Use any of the other billion and one competitors that do the same.
Step 2: Use uber/lyft and others and skip the car in the first place, save a ton of time not knowing how to get around a new city, paying for parking and not being able to drink.
Step 3: And if you feel you must use traditional car rental companies like you’re a baby boomer, 4 out of 6 of those companies don’t require credit checks.
You’ve got to live life saying “I refuse” in order to win at the constant sucker sh* that is thrown your way.
This is in every aspect of your life.
I mean if you simply allow folks to run all over you, just wait till you find yourself in a car dealership and the salesman is like “oh I’m sorry, the ad you saw on TV doesn’t apply to the cars we have here”
Bull f*cking sh*

Considering an electric vehicle? Here are some things to figure out first…

Considering driving electric?

Congratulations! You’re about to save yourself a ton of money and positively impact the environment.

So… now how does one go about GETTING an electric car?

To be able to answer this, you have to figure out WHICH electric car.

But even before that, you have to understand your lifestyle. You need to essentially know who and where you are in life.

Are you someone who’s worked hard to pay off their consumer debt and you’ve centrally located yourself to most things you do within a 100 mile radius? Then you are free to lease any new EV using our tutorial here* –>…/how-to-lease-a-car…/

Are you someone who’s worked hard to pay off their consumer debt but live greater than 100 miles away? First consider moving closer (long commuting sucks and will kill you) and if not, go for the new Chevy Volt (which has a gasoline generator built in to recharge the battery when it runs out. This is different from a prius that switches constantly between the two and is not an electric vehicle). If not the Volt, go for the BMW i3 with generator similar to the volt. And if you can wait, you can hold off for the completely electric 238 mile Chevy Bolt coming in December.

Are you someone who’s still in debt but working to get out? Understand that once the next generation of EVs (200plus mile range lower priced EVs) are released shortly, the price of gen 1 EVs will be even more rock bottom than they currently are. This means you can consider driving a used Leaf for less than $10grand–>…/detail/673792585/overview/
If you get a high mileage/out of batter warranty leaf for even cheaper, set aside a small buffer for any battery maintenance you may have to do.

Also, some other great inexpensive used EVs are:
Chevy spark –>…/detail/676812620/overview/
Kia Soul EV –>…/detail/670316748/overview/
Fiat 500 E–>…/detail/675201600/overview/

Remember, most of these car makes outside of Nissan are generally not recommended for used cars. However, EVs aren’t exactly cars with the same number of moving parts that break. There’s generally only a few moving parts and are generally fool proof if you maintain your battery.


*Excluding any available Teslas currently on the market

Life insurance is NOT the answer for a funeral.


“Can you donate to my baby daddy MC Louis V’s go fund me campaign? We’re in a bad position with his death after he fell off his motorcycle.”


Ok, so how do you get your image not to end up on a Gofundme page after you die?

*Stop buying stupid sh*t and re-direct at least some of that money to helping your family.*

ESPECIALLY if you are leaving behind a significant other and kids – both who were dependent on your income. Here’s what to do and what not to do:

1. Life insurance is NOT the answer for funerals. Most funerals take place within 3-7 days after death. Even most quicker life insurance payouts will take 10 days (most states life insurance companies have 30 days legally. If you died within 2 years of getting your policy, insurance companies could legally postpone payout to 6 months)

Buy life insurance to replace income for your dependents AFTER the funeral. NOT for funeral costs.

2. Burial insurance is NOT the answer. These are expensive policies they created to hustle black people out of their hard earned money since the early 20th century. When compared side by side, the premium on burial insurance can be 10 times the comparable premium on a term policy. Affluent people know the truth –>>

Burial insurance doesn’t even pay out in time to do what it’s supposed to do anyway.

3. Assuming your “loved ones” will just put it on credit cards is NOT the answer.  Using credit cards to pay for funeral expenses and hoping you receive a life insurance payout before the grace period – this is the quickest way to turn the 2nd most tumultuous time in your life into the 1st. Same thing for promising to pay funeral homes later or on credit. Most funeral homes won’t let you defer payment because they don’t want to have to try to collect later

You thought you were sad now. Just you wait until the insurance company starts playing games with that policy payout and you find out the only one who doesn’t play games is your credit card company.

4. What you SHOULD do:

-Use savings accounts earmarked for every short term situation that could/will come up in your life. General emergency fund, car repair buffer fund, vacation buffer fund etc AND A FUNERAL EXPENSE FUND.

This can be done in two ways:

A. create a savings account that has a Payable on Death feature, name a beneficiary and upon your death that money held in savings will go straight to them bypassing probate. But you have to be smart about your overall estate plan (another reason why you shouldn’t have debt ever in life)—>>

B. Keep that same savings account but add a family member or you task with managing the funeral directly on the account and communicate this with them. Refer to the “Relationship and Family Finance section in Brass Knuckle Finance to apply these potential costs to the correct bank account. Here you will learn how to structure your joint checking/savings accounts within a marriage or MWS.

-OR use a Trotten trust, which is payable to a beneficiary without going through probate. –>>

-OR use a prepaid funeral plan, known as an irrevocable funeral trust, which you generally buy from a particular funeral home.

We need to not shy away from this taboo subject any longer. Figure it out now so you wont have to scramble and figure it out later. Always keep important information in a place where everyone in your family can access it.

But please stop responding to funeral fundraiser posts with “why didn’t you get life insurance” when most everyone reading this would leave their family in a precarious position in the event of their untimely death. Life insurance or not.

And for the love of claud, please stop showing your wealth in public and keeping single digit bank account balances and no succession plans in private.

BKF Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Re: federal student loan consolidation

Understand that generally speaking, federal student loan consolidation is going to be a non event if your aim is to live a cash based lifestyle from here on.

At the end of the day you will simply be able to organize your various student loan payments into one payment which doesn’t hurt you.

However, for those debt slaves trying to take out a mortgage, remember when we showed you how having student loans is the only credit history you need for being approved for a mortgage?

When you consolidate your student loans, the old loans are paid off and a NEW loan is created on your report containing those balances.

Meaning this will lower your average account age and show a reduction in that account history.

It will also create a hard inquiry on your account that definitely affects the debt you’re trying to take out.

Now you know. Continue reading “BKF Federal Student Loan Consolidation”