20 Steps to Bankruptcy

Step 1: people you’ve never heard of come up with the potential for a sensation and then promote the hell out of it

Step 2: the price gains momentum to 5x

Step 3: broke people put $100 in it “to test it out” (there is no such thing)

Step 4: broke people see massive multi-dozen dollar return

Step 5: broke people take to the digital streets to declare “I don’t know how ya’ll do that 9-5 sht”

Step 6: broke people begin massive scramble to find additional money to “invest” at now the 10x level

Step 7: broke people borrow thousands from upcomming rent payments and car payment due in order to invest at 15x level (dont worry, I’ll make it back by the end of the month)

Step 8: broke people convince other broke people to borrow from future bills in order to invest at 20x level

Step 9: broke people are now “invested” close to $18k from credit card cash advances, upcomming rent and life savings

Step 10: sensation begins to crack at the 20x level

Step 11: broke people say sensation is on sale and that you’re a fool if you don’t buy more

Step 12: broke people borrow from 401k to tripple down on sensation

Step 13: sensation drops to 15x level

Step 14: broke people borrow from multiple friends with the guarantee of doubling their return

Step 15: sensation drops to 10x level

Step 16: sensation drops to 5x level

Step 17: broke people think “why didnt I sell at the 20x level”

Step 18: sensation gets a little boost from the 5x level to the 6x level

Step 19: broke people tap that one remaining friend that doesnt know about their gambling addiction because “the trend is back on!”

Step 20: bankruptcy court for multiple who are taken down with sensation

Rinse and repeat every 7-10 years.



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