Car rental secrets



Want to learn how traditional car rental companies get you? Check out this great find below:

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Be smart. Don’t go further into debt for a wedding.


I made a post online one day that sums up what this post is about: “plan your marriage, f*ck the wedding.”

Harsh? Perhaps.

But after you’ve spent a fortune paying for a wedding, reality sets in and the food is no longer catered, your best man and maid of honor are nowhere to be found during intense arguments and you could find yourself deep in debt after wining and dining 250 of your “closest” family and friends.

Remember, the average cost U.S. couples spend on a wedding today is $26,444. This doesn’t even take into consideration the engagement ring, prenuptial agreement or honeymoon costs. (In many locations like Los Angeles, the average for a wedding can be as high as $40k.) Continue reading “Be smart. Don’t go further into debt for a wedding.”

What do you have time for?

Your Car

Between allll of the things I’m doing right now, time is extremely limited.

Yet everywhere I go in my electric vehicle people ask me why I don’t drive the typical L.A. car with the type of money and assets I have obtained over the last 6 years.

My answer yet again: I do not have the time.

But not in the “I do not have enough time to go to a dealership to pick one out” type of “I don’t have time”. The truth is I run a business that provides multiple services – one of which is to help buy clients cars and make sure they don’t get financially raped in doing so. So I’m constantly in and out all types of dealerships – from Ford to European luxury car dealerships fighting with horribly slimy sales people and the people that manage them.

And in doing so, even though I could easily afford to do the same financially for myself, here’s a few things I’ve realized I am not able to allocate my precious time for in regard to expensive cars:

#1. Making sure large amounts of money are in my checking account – instead of my investment account- at specific times during the month so I can make sure ridiculous all-interest car notes and leases are properly paid to banks when they want them – like the bottom hoe I would become.

#2. Taking my european luxury car to full service car washes every 5 days, spending the time waiting, being expected to tip like an NBA player and then doing the same when I have to get it detailed every 30 days as well.

#3. Driving around retail store parking lots trying to find a specific spot for my 13 coat, $3k pearl white paint job. Trying to find parking spots near cars who’s doors aren’t long enough or close enough to mine as to ding my car when they are opened.

#4. Having to put hands on and end up in jail over the person that chipped my 13 coat, couple thousand dollar paint job on my luxury whip.

#5. Worrying about where I park late night or over night near a residence and if that $55k car will still be there in the morning.

#6. Taking my horribly inefficient luxury car to the gas station every few days. More money spent at high fee convenience stores connected to these gas stations and increased risk for card fraud as well.

#7. Constantly going to the ATM every few days to pull out and keep on me -in a money clip- hundreds of dollars for gas stations so I DON’T have to use my debit card and hopefully decrease my chance of fraud activity at a gas station.

#8. Taking in my luxury car for random maintenance after random maintenance after random maintenance – and then expensive scheduled maintenance not even covered by my lease or purchase.

#9. Paying inflated luxury car insurance costs.

#10. Paying inflated luxury car registration fees (luxury car tax) in the state of California ever year.

#11. Worrying about police targeting me everywhere I go because it financially appears I can single handedly fund their weekly traffic ticket quota.

#12. Worrying about where to purchase concealed weapon on the underground market to combat #5

#13. Taking the long way around certain neighborhoods because I along with my new luxury whip can’t get caught slippin at certain stop lights in your neighborhood.

#14. Purchasing bullets for #5, #12 & #13

#15. Bail

Just for shits and giggles though, here’s just a few of other things I DO have time for:

NOT being car poor in this short life on earth.

Remember, part of wealth is the ability to control your time while you’re here. When I say I do not have time to do these things, I’m saying I don’t have time ALLOCATED out of the limited amount I have to service something that does not add any value to my life.

Many times -the things we “own” end up owning us.
Reason #2: Your Car is Ruining Your Life

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7 Stages to Financial Wealth

**7 Stages to Financial Wealth** (applicable to even the most stubborn of our recruits)


Stage -1– Can’t nobody tell you NOTHIN. You’re deep in denial and ignorant to the truth about the damage your current mentality has done to your finances. You’re completely trapped in the credit/debt slave matrix and have no idea that you are truly broke underneath all of your monthly financial facade frontin. You react violently

Stage 2– Exploration and Acknowledgement of the truth.

Someone or something has come along and figured out how to give you an extremely rude awakening.

You’ve begun to reluctantly question a lot of things. You know somethings wrong with how you’ve been handling things, something wrong with your immediate surroundings and the way the world works but you just dont know exactly what it is or how to fix it. In this stage you begin to fish around for proper education on personal finance, self esteem and even improving your health if necessary for the upcoming fight.

Whatever that fight may turn out to be.

Stage 3– Absolute anger. At this point you’re gaining momentum in your pursuit of knowledge. Yet the more you learn, the more you feel the walls have closed in due to all of the stupid sht you’ve done financially. The more you’re able to accurately calculate the totality of your financial f*ckery, the harder it seems it will be for you to climb out of it.

You’re feel both completely against the wall and at the same time completely ready to break the cycle…yet you now acknowledge that your previous ignorance was definitely bliss.

Stage 4- Your anger has propelled you into an all out war against debt and financial struggle each month. You’re cutting expenses, selling things on Craigslist, budgeting, setting money aside as a starter emergency fund & aggressively fighting to pay down your credit cards, car loans and medical bills. You see progress, yet due to your intense battle with debt, you have no leftover funds to begin to aggressively save and invest for you and your kids future. However, you have woken up to the fact that by eliminating such harmful liabilities, you are putting yourself into the perfect position to more than catch up on those luxuries in 24 months.

Stage 5- Initial victory! You’ve paid your consumer debts and have a medium sized chunk of change saved up to weather a storm. You do however, still have student loans and maybe even a mortgage left. You start investing lightly and begin to contribute up to the match in your 401k while focusing most of your resources to knocking out your two remaining  debt monsters. (mortgages and student loans)

Stage 6- **Debt Freedom**. It has been a long time coming. You have never seen such a powerful cash flow each month and because you have no interest payments you need to send to ANYONE ever again, you’ve never seen so much money pile up in your bank and investment accounts so quickly. You rejoice.

You spend some of that cash-flow on yourself this month to celebrate your hard work. You make a pact to yourself to never allow you to get in that position again. You also promise that you will go full fledge into wealth generation mode through investing, getting your kids college straightened out and possibly even starting your own business/ income rental property portfolio.

Stage 7- You have been enjoying your financial freedom and new self esteem for sometime while investing properly, buying rental units properly and in general doing whatever the hell you want with your money. But you realize there is still one piece to the wealth puzzle left.

You realize the only way for you to be truly financially wealthy is by uplifting the next person in your family or community. So you seek out someone as unfortunate to be stuck in stage 1, send them a cold glass of water to the face and you completely change their outlook on life and the building of their family tree. A new cycle of wealth begins to combat the previous cycle of poverty.

Welcome to The Winner’s Circle.