MCA scam

The simple fact that this MCA “Motor Club of America” (TVC Matrix) scheme is so popular among the black community just shows how far we have to go before we are no longer our own worst enemy.

Its quite sad actually…

When you’re supposedly selling “roadside assistance” but not one phone number to call and have your car tow’d is available anywhere..

When you’re telling these gullible poor people in our community that you’ll give them $80 for ever $40 that they bring you and they ask zero questions on how this is even possible …(because its not; there is a mandatory 18 month duration your pawn has to continue paying or you are liable for any “commission”. Oh and there is no commission.)

When you realize that only an idiot would sign up for something that AAA sells for $50 a YEAR and you’re paying $20/MONTH…

When you wake up and think about the level of intelligence and financial standing the people who have approached you on this have…

When You Realize The First Letter Of Every Word On The Website Is Capitalized But They Claim They’ve Been Around Since 1926…

When the roadside membership package is a sales cold call sheet…

When their online spam squad has taken over the first 40 page results in google (well except for the first page result for this blog post. Doesn’t that make you mad MCA scammers? Haven’t noticed that all of your comments below have no effect? )



Look folks, we even had a member of The Winner’s Circle, who is a designer, do a GREAT break down on how easy it is to tell a scam website. This is straight from a design prospective:

Learn about all other pyramid schemes here:

Behind MLM exposes MCA here:

A video explaining the MCA scam:


The company is now on the ripoff report:



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