MCA is for Idiots

MCA scam

The simple fact that this MCA “Motor Club of America” (TVC Matrix) scheme is so popular among the black community just shows how far we have to go before we are no longer our own worst enemy.

Its quite sad actually…

When you’re supposedly selling “roadside assistance” but not one phone number to call and have your car tow’d is available anywhere..

When you’re telling these gullible poor people in our community that you’ll give them $80 for ever $40 that they bring you and they ask zero questions on how this is even possible …(because its not; there is a mandatory 18 month duration your pawn has to continue paying or you are liable for any “commission”. Oh and there is no commission.)

When you realize that only an idiot would sign up for something that AAA sells for $50 a YEAR and you’re paying $20/MONTH…

When you wake up and think about the level of intelligence and financial standing the people who have approached you on this have…

When You Realize The First Letter Of Every Word On The Website Is Capitalized But They Claim They’ve Been Around Since 1926…

When the roadside membership package is a sales cold call sheet…

When their online spam squad has taken over the first 40 page results in google (well except for the first page result for this blog post. Doesn’t that make you mad MCA scammers? Haven’t noticed that all of your comments below have no effect? )



Look folks, we even had a member of The Winner’s Circle, who is a designer, do a GREAT break down on how easy it is to tell a scam website. This is straight from a design prospective:

Learn about all other pyramid schemes here:

Behind MLM exposes MCA here:

A video explaining the MCA scam:


The company is now on the ripoff report:



What you will learn from this book:

How to decrease specific expenses and beat debt.

How to pay off collection accounts and fix your credit report.

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13 thoughts on “MCA is for Idiots

  1. Matthew Schoenian

    I just wanted to say I totally agree with your post on “MCA” !! Our country is in enough financial trouble, so I do not understand why people fall for these “SCAMS”! Yeah sure someone is making money off of it, but not all the bottom feeders! People need to do the research first…It’s not $40 to start your own business…you are good for 2 months, then have to pay a premium $20 a month . I think more people should get the truth!


  2. Sam

    Thank u so much.i really appreciate guys like u.i was a dumb and stupid before.after I lost almost $20K with SMC at age 21 I learned my F lesson.when I look back I can’t believe myself how stupid I was!!!! I gave them $5000 cash to build me a $10 website on go daddy! Well I learned my my goal is to help ppl.u sud post ur link on YouTube next to all MCA videos 🙂


  3. My younger cousin recently got caught up in this bullshit. She’s a 21 year old college student who can use all the money she can get, so it was easy for an older female to convince her to do the MCA crap. I tried to warn her about not only MCA, but pyramid/MLM schemes altogether. We had a public conversation about this via Facebook. All the while, the woman who recruited her was pissed because she knew I was right. She’d sold my cousin on the idea that she could make so much money through MCA, but I told the lady that my cousin hasn’t seen a check then I asked if she’d ever seen a check herself while she’s making bold promises. You know what she said? She admitted that she hadn’t made a cent through MCA. Fortunately, that convinced my cousin to listen to me.

    ……Yeah, we’re all black.


    1. charish

      Wow im really glad I decided to look in to mca. a guy friend requseted me on f.b…not even 20 minutes after I made a post about needing a job badly… Then he sent me a message tellin me about mca. He never once told me the full name never once said how he made his money. So I at first thought it sounded ok. I was really thinking about joining. But then I knew I need to resarch first. I found the web site and……yea its for idiots. I cant belive I even thought it was ok! Im sooo glad I took the time to read this.


  4. Krystal

    Motor Club of America (MCA) Also known as GWP (Get Weekly Paychecks) , aka TVC, aka 3WayCashFlow is a SCAM and there are REAL VICTIMS!

    They are NOT a BBB accredited business, and are completely unprofessional. Offering a product that is a total rip off, and making promises to prospective members of their pyramid that will never be kepy.

    Here were the initial red flags:
    * The company has so many names posted online and websites promising big bucks for a small investment. Lots of AKA’s means lots to hide.
    * They target people who are desperate for cash
    * The company posts on the internet EVERYWHERE press releases and articles saying they are not a scam, clearly maniuplating the search results to bury real scam reports. This is just suspicious altogether.
    * The company posts youtube videos constantly of people flashing cash. (NOT IMPRESSED).
    * The company REQUIRES in order to join their program to make money that you PAY FEES MONTHLY
    * Their website is completely unprofessional, awfully designed, and just screams SCAM.
    * The program is commission only (and again requires money down to join)
    * MCA picked a name that is very similar to National Motor Club of America which helps them blend in, and look more reputable. They are NOT associated with National Motor Club of America which has been in business for over 10 years.
    * MCA is NOT listed by the Better Business Bureau. They are hidden under the name TVC Marketing.
    * Motor Club of America is EXTREMELY expensive for what they are trying to sell. AAA is much cheaper and unquestionably reputable.

    The MCA Pyramid Scheme is definitely a RISK for anyone who gives it a shot with a very high chance for failure. Their practices are manipulative, sneaky, and their associates will say anything to get new people.


    They are going to rebut this claim, but DONT BUY IN! These people are just going to rip you off. Your going to be stuck with a MCA membership when you can get AAA for half the price.

    One of their sharks includes this guy:
    (Real name Unknown) LL Cool Harlem

    Join our program for 40 bucks! (and 20 a month to follow) and you will be rich! Yeah right fuckers. Even without the fee to join it still screams scam.

    These shady business practices are likely illegal. Steer clear and people beware!

    If you want to make money – GET A REAL JOB.

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  5. rick dumbell

    My brother is trying to recruit with this about a week now . I’ve listened to him try and recruit for 20 odd min and never once said what the job was, just raved on how much money they will make. Told them what they can and will do with the bucks they will make and how their life’s will improve greatly. (you know sugar the sht out of it). It almost sickens me to think he actually believes this mca is real. I do not know if any of the poor souls that call him sign up after the movie he tells them to watch, but I will let him know about this site and other sites exposing mca for the crap that it is, after all, he is one of the gullible people that got taken in by this sht too.


  6. Don’t know these people do the math? Sure they get *80* (well before a check fee) for each person they sign up…but those people have to keep paying MCA.. don’t most drop off? Then, the “associate” then is paying 20.00 a MONTH to have the privege of selling memberships. That’s 240 MCA is making off them a year while they’re hustling to sell memberships to other suckers . If those suckers you rope in drop off, the company takes the money back, right? Then they are still getting your 20.00 a month! You are coming out at a significant loss, how can people not think about this?


  7. what

    Some fool actually used YOUR IMAGE THAT SAYS “NO INTELLIGENCE REQUIRED” to make an add for MCA associate jobs. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.


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