Would you rather have bought…

Some people won the location lottery and bought houses where the PRICE appreciation far outpaced the country average.

Others won the business lottery and placed money in companies they used on a daily basis.

Which would you choose?


Lets see…carry the 1…divide the 2…add the 3….what is that: $4million dollars for the Netflix owner?

Here’s one thing you should know about this poll as well: It actually is far far worse.

The difference the Netflix owner would have paid for rent instead of buying averaged out to be $17,530/year since 2002.



If he/she invested that $17,530/year in Netflix (just like the homeowner did into their house) NFLX owner would have gained an additional $8,892,053 over those 15 years.


Yes. Additional.

Investing isnt a lump sum game. Its about cash flow.

Oh & the second thing i didn’t tell you?I padded the SF property’s cost.That residence is actually only worth $850k as SF real estate has softened a bit.





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