Stop leaving valuables in your car near Christmas!

**Attention: stop leaving valuables in your car! This is generally for all times of the year but ESPECIALLY for the entire month of December. Same deal every year.

If you don’t listen, you can consider those items gone.

Thiefs know the risk reward of finding something valuable after breaking into your car during the busiest shopping season is heavily tilted towards their favor.

Don’t give them an easy play. Malls are easy play. Shopping centers. Apt garages.

As a matter of fact, its smarter just to completely stay away from parking your car at the mall, regardless of whats in it, during the entire month of December.

If you want to be broke and go further into debt, use Amazon prime. “Choose your dumb”, as we say.

If you want to jumpstart your new life free of debt however, stop participating in the hyper consumerism madness they call “Christmas” in the first place.

No one who gives a sht about you will want you to go further into debt to buy them anything. Trust me.


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