And be VERY vigilant against it.
Got damn. I don’t know how many times I gotta say it.

If I get one more message from ya’ll about your entire balance being wiped out, especially during this scam happy time of the year, there’s gonna be furniture moving.

It doesn’t matter if you have a chip, a dip, or a damn flip card. They are capturing your PIN number every time you use it at stores, restaurants, gas stations, weed shops, greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes …you name it.

Then they use that pin with a visual copy of the strip on the back of your card to go to your bank’s ATM and withdraw EVERYTHING. When your main account is tapped, they’re using the ATM to transfer from your other accounts at that bank.

Never use your PIN number in public unless its at your bank and be even careful with that. And during the holidays, don’t use your PIN number AT ALL.

-Always maintain TWO checking accounts – one for spending (risky purchases) that has a smaller amount strictly for spending and one for bills that has a higher balance.

-Never keep two checking accounts at the same bank. Ever.

-Never keep a checking account with overdraft pro-theftion on it.

-Don’t use your PIN number. If a store is acting like they require it, act like you refuse to shop there any longer. 

-Always swipe as a visa or MasterCard debit card purchase.

**Stay the FCUK away from credit cards.**

-Be vigilant about each of the above.


Make sure to share this with everyone you know. Even the scammers.

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