Renting a car like you’ve got some sense

“But I can’t rent a car without a credit card!”
Really? Reaaaally?
What is this 1988? All winner’s circle members do is travel and rent cars. These credit card commercials really have folks jacked up in the head huh?
In 2016 you have so many options its not even funny. Whatever you allow someone to do, they will do it. You cant just allow society to dictate things and you not ask questions or say “I refuse”.
Step 1: stop renting like its 1988. There is no good reason to rent from traditional car rental companies. Use the Turo app (including my discount of $25 off your first rental).

Use the Skurt app – they’ll actually bring inexpensive cars TO you.

Use zipcar and cars2go.

Use any of the other billion and one competitors that do the same.
Step 2: Use uber/lyft and others and skip the car in the first place, save a ton of time not knowing how to get around a new city, paying for parking and not being able to drink.
Step 3: And if you feel you must use traditional car rental companies like you’re a baby boomer, 4 out of 6 of those companies don’t require credit checks.
You’ve got to live life saying “I refuse” in order to win at the constant sucker sh* that is thrown your way.
This is in every aspect of your life.
I mean if you simply allow folks to run all over you, just wait till you find yourself in a car dealership and the salesman is like “oh I’m sorry, the ad you saw on TV doesn’t apply to the cars we have here”
Bull f*cking sh*


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