You “need” to stop it.


You will fail at life time and time again when you use the term “need” right before making financial decisions.

There’s an army of black folks cussing at me as we speak saying “but what if I do need it!”

Answer: You don’t.

And that NEEDs to be what you tell yourself before every single time you decide to open your purse or wallet.

Consumer behavior is about psychology. Math isnt even a blip on the radar until AFTER your psychology has already done its damage.

How you verbally position your purchases is how you financially position your wealth.

“I need a new phone”

“I need a bigger house”

“I need a bigger car”

“I need that bag of chips”

“I need to buy a bunch of things from the store today”

>>No the hell you don’t.

Yet you will fight anyone who tells you this and then wonder why you can never seem to make ends meet behind closed doors.

And what will really blow your mind is that most of those things aren’t WANTS either.

In reality you’re just going through the motions of cultural training from advertising and other broke people around you.

Shop for fun. Shop for comfort. Shop for status. Shop because thats what you do after you get paid. Shop because you had a rough day at work. Shop because you just had a breakup.Shop because you think you want it based on smart marketing (smarketing). Shop because “you need it”.
Again – one of the most powerful things you can do is audit what you speak into the world.

Know what a want is.

Know what a need is.

Know that the purchase you’re about to make likely doesn’t fall into EITHER of those categories.

Know what and how you speak is powerful on not only your own consumer psychology but on your kid’s and family’s as well.

Otherwise you might as well just write me a check today big pimpin. All the companies I own investments in are simply going to take your money anyways throughout life.

One of us is about to be broke for a looooong time.


Major Key


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