The J.P. Lynn Guide to the Internet


**Internet rule #1 – never argue with idiots.

How do you know an idiot?

They’re trying to argue on the internet.

**Internet Rule #2 – never tolerate a pitch for a pyramid scheme or MLM scam. (when they out themselves, post their profile name, put them on blast and block them as well)

We at BKF University, have no time for your malarky with these schemes in our already struggling community.

**Internet rule #3 – learn how to spot a “hood unicorn”. If you don’t know what a hood unicorn is, you’ll just have to take the L. Or you can keyword search some of our previous posts.

**Internet Rule #4 – Use the internet to educate yourself. But NEVER EVER read the comments section. Only read well thought out articles acting as their own responses by people who reveal their identities. Everything else is arguing and bickering by racists, ignorant people and anyone else who can create a screen name in 5 seconds.

**Internet Rule #5 – Your password is gold. If you’re currently logged into some site, and you make the mistake of clicking on something stupid that takes you to some page asking you to re-enter your password for the site you know you were just logged into, just don’t. Don’t do it to yourself.

**Internet Rule #6 – Everything is free in some form or fashion on the internet. You just have to put in the work and know how to find it.

ie. Did you know Google Offered Free Coding Lessons To Women And Minorities? Read more:

(but don’t read the comments section)

Everything we teach in BKF is free on the internet. Everything we SELL is simply compiled and created to save you time and years on your life from learning the hard way.

Consider our books curated mixtapes of uncommon knowledge (lol)

We didn’t write the songs, dude.



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