EV Math in California

Everywhere I go in L.A. ppl with luxury gas guzzlers stop me at the light and ask me how much I pay (or dont)

Here’s how the math on my electric car works:
$30k car

$10k prepayment in full of 36 month lease

$2,500 CA rebate (or $69/month off car)

$179/month effective lease

$60 insurance

No gas

No oil changes

Carpool lane access

Total all inclusive auto cost: $239/month
Here’s how the math goes on the typical mid-priced sedan:

$30k car

60 month loan

$579/month payment

$180/month gas

$110/month insurance

Total cost: $869/month
You have any idea the ridiculous amount of things you could do with that difference in cash flow consistently over a long period of time?


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