The Difference Between Credit Scores & Credit Reports

When people talk about “fixing credit” you must understand that they’re actually speaking of two different things at once.

Your credit REPORT is not the same as a credit SCORE.

The latter is only useful in struggling. Its what we call a “broke masker”. You may think you’re getting wealthy but you’re just shuffling other people’s money around until you realize you’ve become other people’s property.

Your credit REPORT on the other hand (read: not your score) along with the cash you save because you refuse to pay interest to scam a$$ banks is useful in what youre trying to do.

Trying to get an apartment? A clean credit report with no entries (positive or negative) plus your cash deposit.

Trying to get car insurance? A clean driving record, credit report and if you’re smart, paying the year in advance and in full (its refundable).

Trying to get a car? If you can not afford to pay cash for a car, you can not afford that car. Period. But when you stop playing around with debt, you’d be surprised at how powerful your cash flow becomes allowing you to save for these things.

Trying to get a job? There is no employer in America who A. checks “your credit score” and B. has the legal authority to check or use that credit score in hiring decisions. By law, only your credit REPORT can be used.

How do you get a credit report that will allow you to get hired anywhere? STOP PLAYING AROUND WITH DEBT AND FINDING YOURSELF IN DEBT WITH PAST DUE BALANCES AND DELINQUENCIES.

Its the largest source of misinformation on credit scores and reports there is in America. You are not applying for a loan, no one cares about a credit score in hiring. They’re looking (mistakenly) at whether or not you’re ALREADY in financial trouble which will put you at risk of doing illegal or immoral things at work. (according to some employers)

The cycle is all tied together yet you keep letting these internet credit repair clowns convince you that you need to pay them $500-$5,000 to “fix your credit” (boost your credit score). They do this by temporarily clogged the dispute process  system until one or more of your negative accounts are removed for a small amount of time. Then your credit score will go up temporarily allowing you to sign up for some more debt bullsh*t you shouldn’t have been signing up for in the first place. However, since the method is fraudulent, in about 60 days, those negative items pop back up on your credit report and now you owe twice as much – the old debt and the new debt.

Now if you’re trying to “fix your credit report” more specifically, you need to understand that there is no legal way to do what you are speaking. By law only time (7 years) can remove accurate items that are negative from your credit report. You can not “pay-for-delete” to any company, debt collector or otherwise and think your argument will stand in court once you find they’ve taken your money.


The only thing you can do is change the designation from “unpaid charge off” to “paid charge off”.

Its still delinquent. Its STILL a charge off whether you paid it or not.

Your credit can only repair itself. There is nothing you can physically do to change that. It takes 7 years from the date of initial default for most negative items to fall off your credit report.

If you are not paying these items for mental relief, there is nothing that will come of it for you.

The only thing you can do is change the designation from “unpaid charge off” to “paid charge off”.

Its still delinquent. Its STILL a charge off whether you paid it or not.

Focus on building wealth not credit and you won’t even realize the time passing.

But if you keep playing credit score tricks and signing up for new debt, that 7 year time frame will keep resetting and resetting and…

(all of this is assuming you are already past the statute of limitations to be SUED which is also different from credit reporting negative items – something that doesnt have legal consequence)

Don’t be dumb. Keep cash, investments and a clean credit report and you can do anything on earth.

You only use credit SCOREs to fall further into debt.


Difference between credit report credit score



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