What does your mental diet consist of?

Stitcher blog

Ask yourself: what did you learn from listening to Lil Xan, Rich the Kid and Migos albums in your rotation so far today?

All of the things I profit each month on are from specific things I learn daily from educational articles shared amongst our Winner’s Circle Members, books, various Stitcher radio educational podcasts, TED talks & documentaries. As well as Black Thought/The Roots, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Pharoahe Monch, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kyzoo. To even trial and failure from getting off my a$$ and testing the various instructions and theories out.

Remember, you are the sum total of what you allow to enter your mind.

If you don’t have Stitcher radio on your phone or computer you’re missin out. Its like the Pandora for educational podcasts.http://stitcher.com

Turn off the ratchet rap, ratchet gossip talk shows etc and shows and feed your mind.

**MY current favorite shows on Stitcher Radio (which don’t have to be your shows):

Bigger Pockets (rental income investing)
The Eventual Millionaire (business, technology and ideas)
48 Days with Dan Miller
Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer
CNBC Fast Money
The Ric Edelman Show
The Nutrition Diva
The Dave Ramsey show
MoneyPlan SOS
Suze Orman show
Debt Free Divas
Better Conversations – Money & Marriage
Entrepreneur on Fire
among others like well known NPR etc

Another great source of entertainment after a day of productivity is the incredible collection of life changing documentaries available on Hulu, Netflix & Youtube.
Here are some of my personal favorite.

*Top documentaries that compelled me to adopt a plant based diet:
Forks over Knives
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Food Inc.

*Top documentaries on money:
In Debt We Trust
I’m fine, thanks.
The Queen of Versailles

*Top documentaries on minimalism:
No Impact Man

*Top documentaries on education and classism:
Waiting for superman
The Cartel

*Misc documentaries to check out:
Burt’s Buzz (all about the co-founder of Burt’s Bees)
After Innocence
Gideon’s army
What’s the T?
American Meth
Strip Club King: The Story of Joe Redner
Off Label
Counterfeit Culture
Hot Coffee

Lastly, there is a TED Talk app on just about every streaming box being sold right now. Use it for some great content and education!

Now what are some of your own?


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