The 2014 Winner’s Circle Awards

2014 Winners Circle Awards Logo

As the year comes to an end, its time to congratulate those who have gone the hardest at changing/fixing/improving their financial situations.

For those who remember, a while back we would do the Winner’s Circle awards and give honors to aaalll of our top performing members at the end of each year.

Well now (perhaps a good thing) we have far too many members to name and far too many that have done incredibly well this year. So we’re not going to name each of you but know that overall, the team kicked a$$.

So what we’ll do is name the top 5 performers this year and give a peak at how they made it there.

**In at #5 we have: Toya P.

Talk about determined, Toya gets the hustler of the year award for “kicking ass in an employment setting”.

Following her passions on the business side, always receiving top praise from management and clients alike, she’s one of the few people actually using the degree/field she worked to be apart of. Toya did it all while driving a reliable paid off Scion working in an industry known for grand ballerific facades.

And in doing so, it allowed her the cash flow this year to beef up her investment portfolio filled with a diversified array of ETFs.

Then there was that healthcare stock she put in the gambling portion of her portfolio that snagged…wait for it..

..a 35% gain. Don’t remind her of this – her head may get a bit bigger.

**Coming in at #4 we have: Johnell M.

One of our first members to join club “I’m Debt Free!!!” this year.

After doing the process a little backwards a few years ago and sacrificing to pay off $15k of his student loans before he did his credit cards, he was recently able to finally say I’ve had it.

Just last winter you could find him commuting to work without using heat and saving an extra $125 per week on gas in the process. He said he just wore extra layers and stayed bundled up (insane lol)

And now in 2014, he took his tax refund from taxes and kicked Chase and Best buy out of his house once and for all.

For the rest of the year he used that awesome debt free cash flow to go back to school and increase his skill set without adding any new debt.
Welcome to the club Johnell!

**In the #3 & #2 spots, we have: Tiffany & DeVonne 

No car notes, credit cards or any of it! AND no student loans??
They also didnt want to stay long distance landlords anymore so they placed their out of state house on the market and it recently sold! Effectively making them members of “Club – Rent Rich Over 30”
A minority couple with excellent jobs, paid off cars, no mortgage hanging over their backs, 1000% debt free, and a portfolio full of high performing ETF investments.
Congrats to the Johnson household!
#TeamNoCarNote #TeamNoCreditCards #TeamSallieMurdersClub #TeamWTFisaMortgage

**And now…drummroll pleease**

The #1 Winner’s Circle member who kicked serious financial a$$ in 2014 is…
>> Tsehainesh <<

Always ordering BKF books to give out for Christmas gifts to her friends once she had knocked out her credit card debt…

Continuing to go hard over the last year and a half on student loan debt and refusing to upgrade her 10 year old Honda Accord in the process…

One of the newest members of the 20% club for 2014…

Over her 6 Steps to Zero debt journey she began when the original BKF book was released in 2011, she not only paid off $12,600 in credit card debt..

…but freed herself from $31k in student loans, WHILE investing in her 529 plan for her kid.

Did I mention she did this as a single mother making a modest salary in the expensive as ___ bay area?

So lets give her and all other Winner’s Circle rockstars a monster shout out for 2014!

Special 2014 shout outs go to Jasmine G (working on going natural, making huge progress with your finances and driving that same paid off year 2000 honda), Krischa E (starbucks challenge and most reliable paid off new model car award), Isidra (drastically improving income and canceling a Target credit card before it was even sent), Jaaye  (better be the last time I congratulate you for paying off credit card balances)


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