The Magical “Hood Unicorn”

Hood unicorn

From now on I want you to refer to anyone you know aiming to be the exception at all things otherwise stupid and trivial, as a *magical hood unicorn*.

While these people are out trying to be exceptions for the sake of being an exception, we will continue to aim to only make progress in areas that are worthy of progress. Just because something “can” be done, in some far off off chance of a reality, doesn’t mean you should aspire to do it.

In other words, just because you’re an exception doesn’t make you exceptional.

You have to learn the basics of risk vs reward.

How to tell you’re a hood unicorn – tip #103:

When you’re the first person in any conversation to say “not every…”.

When not “any” body ever made a statement towards that being the case.

Typical examples:

“Uh uh! Not every body who listen to wacka flocka and gucci all day is ignorant”

“Not every body who uses welfare is always gone be poor!”

“Not everybody with a $120k liberal arts degree ends up without a job!”

“Not every body who has kids while theyre young & broke isnt thinking about the welfare of their kids!”

“Not every body who uses credit cards is in debt!”

“Just because he was a hoe when i met him doesnt mean hes a hoe now. Not everybody stays the same!”

“Uh uh! All my girlz is bad bitches. Not every body who wears weave is a chicken head!”

So as you sit there and type on a computer you’ve been paying interest on since windows 95 came out..

And you use that same payday loan/credit card default judgement computer to do a slow ass google search for what to do when you’ve developed traction alopecia.

And cry to your girlfriend every night about why “your” dude is still sleeping with other women after you met him as that other woman

And then you march and protest occupy wall street because you think they owe you money to pay off student loans for a career you knew had a low financial success rate…

And you leave your need to be fixed 8 year old BMW parked in front of the apartment you owe back rent to…

After everyone in your family told your a$$ that BMWs have a high likelihood of being the devil…

I want you to remember what your obsession with “not every…” has done for you in life so far.

No one gives a hot d@$@ about the potential to be an exception in stupidity.

This is about asking yourself “is it worth doing said stupid shit IN THE FIRST PLACE?”.


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