Don’t Fall for this Rampant Credit Repair Scam

Here’s how so so many people I work with get hustled out of their last $500 – $3500 consistently…….EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE ALREADY STRUGGLING.

*Step 1: You hear your homie’s cousin’s pimp surrogate grandfather named Tyrone or some sht talking about how they can clear your credit report and boost your credit score for the low price of $1,000.

*Step 2: You sell yourself. In your mind you’d rather spend money to appear credit worthy for sh*t you don’t need so you can do the same loan & credit games that got you delinquent and in debt in the first place. You think you can get a $40k whip, an apartment you can’t afford, some new cell phone service, maybe even a mortgage if your pimpin is tight.

*Step 3: $1k is paid to Macaroni Tyrone for the work to begin immediately. Tyrone begins sending a barrage of mail disputes and electronic disputes to each of the three credit bureaus on all of the delinquent items on your report.

*Step 4: Since the credit bureaus have to send everything to the original creditor you owe for verification, and since the amount of verifications are overwhelming the system causing the original creditor not to respond in time, the credit bureau must remove those items from your report on the 30th day.

*Step 5: Macaroni then sends you an updated copy of your credit report with a bunch of delinquent items removed. He uses your 1 free credit report available on for this. You’re ecstatic and tell your homies to do the same. (mind you by this point Macaroni Tyrone has allll of you guys sensitive information at his disposal)

*Step 6: On day 31 etc, once the original creditor has gotten time to process the request, all of the items pop back up on 2 of the credit reporting bureaus (if not all three) and you not only are back to where you started but hiiiighly more likely to find yourself in identity theft as well from Macaroni’s real hustle – selling your personal information to the highest bidder.

*Step 7: You’re also flagged by the Credit bureaus as someone who runs fraudulent disputes and they have the right to deny your requests to dispute the legitimate identity theft you SHOULD be removing.

*Step 7: Alternate 1 – if you were able to do the negrorific ballin out with that credit report in time before those items show back up, you’re now a shit ton deeper in debt with the same credit report and no money.

*Step 7: Alternate 2 – even if the bureaus never reported those items again on your credit report and you went on spending like you currently became a millionaire, your credit report is not a legal document, all of those creditors can sue you before the statute of limitations and gain judgements that can be renewed indefinitely.

*Step 8: I end up just sittin there lookin at you googly eyed when you come asking me for help.

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