Your passion or your poison?

Even though the new age American dream is to do what you’re most passionate about for a living, sometimes doing what you’re most passionate about in career form can turn that passion into a hatred.

See, when you’re now forced to do something and put up with certain ancillary things or components of the job, you can quickly find yourself in a worst position & mental state than if you were just doing a menial job to keep busy.

Here’s real talk that no one will tell you: for many many people, the quickest way to turn a passion into something you dread is to force yourself to monetize it.

Now I’m not sayingto ignore what you’re most passionate about. I’m saying in the pursuit of those things, its important you not pursue them like a stalker.

Allow the relationship to blossom by not being so needy. This is one reason why its so important to keep a solid income from some form of legitimate work while you live out your dreams in another area.

Yes you can do this. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.

Because when you do this, you take the “I need to make income from this thing I love asap” factor out of the equation and it more times than not allows you to sidestep ruin.

There’s nothing more sad than a person who found their reason to be here and then begins to loathe it due to unnecessary financial and professional strain.

I mean that is your purpose. What else are you doing here? Pretending to be here for other things is just going to turn you into a very miserable person with a poorly created facade.

In the end, doing what you’re passionate about can take many forms. Not everyone has to do what they’re passionate about as a 9-5 job or a business they started. The key for some is to enjoy or at least not loathe whatever they’ve chosen to produce income and do what they’re most passionate about with as few constraints as possible.

This is how art becomes art. How music becomes music. How technology that really helps people is born.

What we teach is hard work up front to get yourself financially in position to not have to depend on anything for an income – let alone those delicate things you’re most passionate about.

This is why we in BKF invest for tomorrow while everyone else parties today.

You’d be straight up amazed at how life changes when you technically don’t ”need” to produce income from anything.


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