5 Easy Ways to Empower the Black Community


This list is not limited to the Black community, nor do you have to be Black to participate in empowering the Black community. Anyone and everyone can participate in these 5 things.

1. Stop Acquiring New Debt

Debt is a leading cause of low self-esteem and so are the reasons most people go into debt. Making poor, uninformed financial decisions has been an unfortunate cycle and a big reason Black people lack empowerment. The Black community has been conditioned to think material goods are necessary to show one has value and is important or worthy of consideration. For many years, individuals have attempted to compensate for shortcomings or low self-esteem by purchasing material goods that make them appear better than how they feel inside. This is, in large part by design, but, to an extent, it is also a choice. People should be valued regardless of the kind of car they drive, clothes they wear or phone they have. As soon as the Black community stops relying on material goods to determine and or express worth and importance, people can begin to realize that simply existing is valuable enough.

Even if this is not the reason you spend, one of the most empowering things, in general, is financial freedom. Pay off current debt, but more importantly, cut your credit cards, stop updating functional cars and taking out new loans. Before you can empower a community, you must begin empowering yourself through financial freedom. Once you are free from debt, you can start empowering yourself and others on a larger scale.

2. Support Black Owned Business

Again, economic stimulation is one of the best ways to empower any marginalized community. In your everyday life, doing this can be as simple as shopping at a Black owned business for goods and services that you already purchase from big businesses or corporations. Instead of eating at a chain restaurant, go to a local restaurant that is Black owned. Instead of buying hair care products from a chain beauty supply store or any other beauty supply in your area, be sure to purchase from a Black owned business.

In some cases, this may not be convenient. It may mean you have to drive an extra mile or two. But in the long run, it’s worth it. Recycling Black dollars and overall economic stimulation is absolutely imperative for empowerment and growth both socially and politically – for any marginalized community. The Black community is no different and is in the absolute worst position in this case. Research data shows that businesses owned by African Americans tend to have lower sales, fewer employees and smaller payrolls, lower profits, and higher closure rates than any other racial/ethnic community.

Read the original article at Rap Rehab! 


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