Bitcoins are the New “Beanie Babies”


For those thinking about placing their money in gambling schemes like bitcoin, consider this.

If you took $1,000 worth of gold and bought an American dollar in 1890, due to inflation, that dollar today would be worth…

$1 dollar.

You do not invest in currencies. Currencies deflate.

Always stay massively diversified and invest in things that APPRECIATE in value.

The typical car will not appreciate in value. Your jordans will not appreciate in value. Bitcoin and other currencies like the Iraqi Dinar do not appreciate in value.

What you’re being fooled with is things that temporarily appreciate in PRICE. Sht even the price of weed fluctuates from year to year. Long term though, a dime bag of that bomb sticky icky from 1982 would fetch you…what…

Stop gambling and start investing. Apple was not the size it was in 2001 nor did it have the same product line. The company increased in VALUE.

Now stop with all of this elite comptonomics type logic and make your money work for itself. coming soon.

And to check out what happened to everyone who played the same Beanie Baby game back in the 90s click here.


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