Solavei is for Idiots


There’s a new scam every week folks.

Apparently theres a guy (Ryan Wuerch) with more lawsuits against him than Marion barry who then started a back alley cel phone service company called “Solavei”. The previouos company he tanked was called Motricity.

What makes me laugh is the recruits responses to all of this all over the internet. Oh sure our CEO has several Federal lawsuits against him:

Sure the Motricity Board of Directors asked him to step down as he led the company into the ground:

Sure he is facing insider trading allegations which question his business ethics:

But that is small potatoes compared to the “goldmine” he offers me with the supposed $20 for every 3 people I sign up. lol

Sure as a founding member or a new upline, I’ll piss away my relationships on what is widely understood as a pyramid scheme, but not just any scheme, a revolutionary one with someone who has some serious legal issue from EVERY past venture. Credibility issues so substantial that he has to offer his sales force an internal propaganda sheet to aid you in overcoming very relevant questions about your CEOs character and ethics.

And why is this service so revolutionary? Because they told you so and you just drank the Kool Aid without realizing several other mobile providers have a similar model.

Here’s how the scheme works:

Membership to Solavei is free for customers of the company and then you’re encouraged to participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions as a member.

Customers of Solavei must purchase a cell phone service for $49 a month with an initial $49 signup fee and $29 SIM card fee.

If a customer chooses to purchase a phone through Solavei (has to be HTC or ZTE) this is also an additional expense.

Non-customers are able to join as company members and earn commissions through the compensation plan for an annual $149 membership fee. Because there’s nothing better than people who don’t believe in the shitty service who want to sell it to others.

And yes, everything from customer service to phone service sucks:

Please folks, you have to stop letting yourself get hustled by these scams.

You do not EVER ever ever ever pay any person, company or thing a few so that YOU can go to work for THEM.

Stay AWAY from Herbalife!

Stay AWAY from Empower Network!

Staw AWAY from MCA!

Stay AWAY from Primerica!

Stay AWAY from ACN!

Stay AWAY from 5 Linx!

Stay AWAY from Cutco!

Learn more about all of the schemes to stay away from here:

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