Join the Debt Movement

Join the Debt Movement


We’re paying down $10 million of debt, together.

Join ReadyForZero , hundreds of financial bloggers, and thousands of real people as we pay down a mountain of debt.

Through scholarships, education, community, and hard work, we’re putting a huge dent in the pile of consumer debt in America.

*Commit to a plan, win a scholarship

We’re gathering thousands of people to commit to a pledge to pay down as much debt as they can, between January 1st and April 30 2013.

Our generous sponsors are awarding scholarships to Debt Movement members with over $15k currently raised!

Learn more about the Debt Scholarships here.

*Get educated and give back

Our network of expert finance bloggers, companies, and participants will discuss new ways to better our finances. Ask questions, post your own answers, and join the conversation here:



eBook – $4.99 

The highly acclaimed personal finance book consists of the following 5 course program that promises to not only change the way you view money but change the way you view yourself:

The eBook is in PDF format with hyperlinks to help you navigate in between courses. $4.99 for the material that I’ve personally used to change thousands of people’s lives in the LA area. With it comes along a free Digital toolkit that contains worksheets, financial videos infographics, calculators and more. All of this for only $4.99. Audio book is available now as well for $10.


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