Rent vs Buy? No, its Rent BEFORE You Buy

Very few people realize that a good portion of grief we see in our lives comes from jumping into things we had no business jumping into at that specific time IN our lives. This is especially true when we do it without a safety net.

If you’re thinking about to getting married, why in all hell wouldn’t you move in with him/her for atleast a year beforehand so you can even see if you’re compatible? Oh you’re worried about what your family thinks…thats right. Lets go zero to 2000 because your mother who’s been married 4 times told you to.

If you’re trying to buy a house, and you’ve never eeeever bought a house before, why aren’t you renting a similar house to the one you want to buy? Even if its for just 12 months? Oh, because it would be cheaper to buy? Errrnt

Five words: “closing costs” to get in & “real estate commissions” to get out .

And did I mention the first 8 years of a mortgage is just about all interest?

If you just have to have that new exotic whatever car that just came out,
why aren’t you looking for upscale rental locations so you can live with it in your possession for two weeks? Oh you’d rather apply that money to the car huh? Never heard of CA tax title and depreciation have you?

Moral of the story: Its extremely smart to learn how to dip your toe into things before you dive in and immediately drown. There are dumb people who rent forever* and there are dumb people who buy everything they see. Then there are those who rent before they buy so they can figure out what in the hell it is they really want in life.

Now imagine if you were able to rent your degree before you bought it.

And thats all I have to say about that.


The Ultimate Guide for Beating Debt, Mastering Your Money and Reclaiming your Life!

**The only dumb people rent forever are those who don’t invest at the same time! Market returns beat housing returns in any set of data you can gather on the subject.

5 thoughts on “Rent vs Buy? No, its Rent BEFORE You Buy

  1. Emma Tameside

    I’ve been recently considering buying a house, although am a little worried that I can’t find a price that suits me. I didn’t particularly wanted to rent but this article has made it more of an option at this point. I had before-hand been told about becoming a Ad Hoc Property Guardian, as it can be quite affordable, so I’ll be looking further into that now that renting is an option.

    Although I’ll probably only want to rent for around 12 months at the most, you’re right in that it will give me an idea of what buying the house will be like, and if I’d actually be happy with it. Appreciate the article!


  2. I feel like shit after reading your article! I have wanted a house my entire life and now I question it, I still want it, but I’m wayyyy more prepaired and I wanna do it the right way! I don’t invest but I really want to learn, I spend lots of money on apple and Jordan and Gucci I need to learn to invest not in material things but in things that will materialize for me. I always thought I knew a lot about money but you helped me more than u will ever know thanks! *alix*


    1. ManAgaInstDebt

      Thanks and thats what I’m here for! When youre ready to learn investing contact me and we’ll get started.

      Th cost is you have to teach the next person who looks like you in your community after we’re done.


  3. Dana G.

    Well if I go over to Costa Rica to teach English I am already looking and talking to a family over there who I would live with… Will be selling my car and what ever else since I will be living with them.


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