It’s Here! Brass Knuckle Finance is Available for Download NOW

eBook – $4.99 or Physical copy – $20

The highly acclaimed personal finance book written by Jarim Person-Lynn (ThisIsWhyUBroke/TheWinner’sCircle), consists of the following 5 course program that promises to not only change the way you view money but change the way you view yourself:

The eBook is in PDF format with hyperlinks to help you navigate in between courses. $4.99 for the material that I’ve personally used to change thousands of people’s lives in the LA area. With it comes along a free Digital toolkit that contains worksheets, financial videos infographics, calculators and more. All of this for only $4.99 or $11.99. 


The first personal finance class tailored specifically towards minorities is coming to the Yvonne Brathwaite Burke Ladera Community Center (4750 62nd Street, Los Angeles 90056) on June 24th !  This 7 week, in-depth class is free to the public with a purchase of a Brass Knuckle Finance physical copy ($9.99). Books will be available on site and are also available online.

Want to learn how your mentality and your health directly affect your wealth? This class is for you. The art of budgeting and spending? This class is for you. Getting out of debt, staying out of debt, entrepreneurship, real estate, investing in the stock market and eliminating the cycle of poverty? This class is definitely for you. We’ll see you there.

Week 1 (June 24th) : Introduction to the Class & Guest Speakers Introduced
Week 2 (July 1st) : How your Mentality and Health Directly Affect your Wealth
Week 3 (July 8th): The True Art of Budgeting & Spending
Week 4 (July 15th): Getting out of Debt & Staying out of Debt
Week 5 (July 22nd): College, Entrepreneurship & Income
Week 6 (July 29th): Real Estate, The Stock Market & The Cycle of Poverty
Week 7 (August 5th): Class Recap, 1on1 consults & Final Exam

(coming soon!)

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