The Gullibility Factor

Today we’re going to talk about gullibility and how you’ve been trained to be so trusting that its ruined your life.

By taking everything at face value or damn near it for as long as you can remember, you’ve gotten tricked time and time again.

This could be from ex boyfriends/girlfriends you thought were the stand up persons they portrayed, automobiles with shiny paint you thought weren’t lemons or damn near it, enticing credit card offers you thought were in your best interest and probably even while drinking the kool-aid on real estate being a “safe” “investment”.

But you would think this would get you to open your eyes and give EVERYTHING you decide to read or believe the thrice over by now right?

Ahh but it hasn’t. Everyday you read articles written by liars, Instagram brag posts, message board response posts from those articles written by those who are broke and credit card industry representatives paid to troll sites trying to convince you that you need credit to become wealthy. Everyday you pull up next to range rovers while driving on the street and you sell yourself on the notion that must be nice to have that!

Everyday you drive past big houses in Windsor hills, Ladera or wherever you’re at and you think damn if only I could qualify for a mortgage I would be the shit, my life would be so much more stress free and I would finally start to feel like I’m worth something. Everyday you go to work and look at the VPs and the top execs in their window offices and you SO wish you could be in their positions because ..well their lives are perfect.

Well I’m here to tell you 90% of what you see is a cot damn lie. While you’re lusting after these people’s lives and driving away crying, I’m leaving these large houses in Ladera with my briefcase after an hour long session of them crying about being trapped in debt and stagnant relationships they swore were the best things ever in the beginning. While you’re parked next to that BMW at the stop light, wishing PRAYING one day you could have that same car, I’m the one those BMWs are driving to go meet at my office to try and gain some bit of their sanity back in regards to their lives and finances. I’m the one who has the inbox full of “help me” messages of the same people who are pretending to pay their credit cards off on other peoples status messages.


Please stop being so gullible when the world (and especially the internet) is filled with liars. Think about has your gullibility worked out for you so far? Just think back for 5 minutes and remember the last time you were tricked for not doing the proper thought evaluation and investigation. Then calculate the damage that did to you. If you still want to believe the facade in a country that has its eyeballs in debt, then be my guest. But the facts are the facts.

  • 90% of America’s debt is owed to 10% of the wealthy population.
  • 76% of this country lives check to check and couldn’t survive a few months after job loss
  • Over 60% of Americans in general carry credit card balances and are in debt each month.
  •  Within the African American community, 84% of households who hold credit cards, are in credit card debt.

So now that you’re aware, you can start by researching that. And once you realize the truth: what do you plan to do about it?

The Ultimate Guide for Beating Debt, Mastering your Money and Reclaiming your Life!


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