“Brass-Knuckle Finance”- Due out in March!

Only blog readers get an exclusive look at the inner workings of the book due out in March!  Below is just an overview of the things you can expert to learn from picking up this book.

As a reminder, pricing will be $9.99 for the physical copy and that will allow you access to all “Brass Knuckle Finance” community classes and seminars in the L.A. area. All you need to do is show up with the book and you’re in there!

If you’ve already gone through the course and know someone else that may benefit, you can give them the book as a gift and they’re now eligible to attend classes free. (This is only applicable to the physical book and not the e-book which will be cheaper.)

1. Brass Knuckle Finance
“The Ultimate Guide for Beating Debt and Taking Back Control of Your Financial Life”
(the most compelling book you’ve ever read. Period.)
About The Author

1. Where I was
2. How I Escaped

3. Where I’m Headed


1. How this guide is different
2. What is Brass Knuckle Finance
3. You Will Be Wealthy


1. Brass Knuckle Finance – Course 1: You are a Slave, Neo.  (How your Mentality, your Environment and your Health greatly influence your wealth)

A. The Debt Mentality

B. Your Environment

1. Hip Hop & Entertainment
2. Weaves, Perms & Self Esteem
3. Your Physical Health

2. Brass Knuckle Finance – Course 2: The TRUE Art of Budgeting and Spending (and what they don’t want you to know)

A. You make way too much money to be broke
B. Your current budget is sh*t
C. Introducing the BKFBudget

D. Saving yourself from yourself
E. Special BKF Budgeting Tips
F. What is frugality and what is being cheap?
G. Ain’t no Future in Your Frontin

H. All About Mint.com

I. Banks are never to be trusted

J. Relationship & Family Finance

3. Brass Knuckle Finance – Course 3: Getting out of debt, STAYING out of debt and the ins and outs of bankruptcy.

A. Hierarchy of most stupid credit decisions
B. The Debt Snowball Method
C. Debt Collection is not Fun
D. Debt Settlement and Consolidation Loans
E. Statute of Limitations
F. Judgements
H. Making Large Purchases Without Credit
I. Bankruptcy
K. Letting others borrow money

4. Brass Knuckle Finance – Course 4: College, Income and Entrepreneurship

A. Education

B. Income

C. Entrepreneurship

5. Brass Knuckle Finance – Course 5: Investing and Eliminating the Cycle of Poverty

A. Stocks, Bonds & Baby Talk

B. Primary residence real estate is not an investment.

C. Income property

D. Insurance

E. Estate Planning


A. You are Farther Than You Know
B. The Pledge
C. It All Either Begins or Ends With You

Glossary (BKF Terms)



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