A Quick Motivational Speech

With 2011 upon us, its time you get angry. I need you to get angry because its essential for defeating the bullshit that society has taught you. Get angry at the credit card offer in the mail. Get angry at the store clerk who tries to sign you up for plastic slavery. Be angry even at the friend who asks to borrow money. We are a culture of debt slaves. Anyone who continues to perpetuate in it is the enemy.

We only have a specific number of days left on earth for each of us and our journeys are being stolen by dead end jobs, credit card payments and car notes. This crap can no longer be tolerated. You were meant to do, become and see much much more.

Don’t let them rob you of your precious years or your precious journey. Once you become completely 100% fed up, then and only then is when your true journey begins.

“Buy less, live more. F*ck the Joneses!!”

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