The Official Pledge of the Winner’s Circle

The Official Winner’s Circle Pledge:

1. I pledge to rearrange the Status Quo and stop spending all I have then borrow more just so I can keep up with the Joneses. By removing myself from the credit crack mindstate, I can stop being a slave to things I dont even own while I pass these values down to my children.

2. I pledge to destroy all credit cards sent to me and to promptly close out the ones I’m trying to pay off once I do so. I realize only a crackhead in their right mind would keep an account open that charges them 30% of EVERYTHING they buy. And thats not even including occasional late fees and over limit fees. I refuse to be that one idiot at Chipotle paying $10 for a burrito when everyone else in line is only payin $6. Just to “build up my credit score” so I can one day get even DEEPER into debt? No thank you.

3. I pledge to do all I can to educate myself and educate the next minority on how money works and what it is used for. I now realize money is a TOOL and is best used in exchange for more of the most precious asset I have: TIME. Time to not be a slave my whole life working a dead end job that I hate just to pay for things I never liked in the first damn place. Time to be able to spend the better part of my life fully experiencing and following my dreams. I realize that yes, money can be linked to happiness on some occasions, however, money is simply a TOOL. MONEY ITSELF is NOT HAPPINESS.

4. (And this is EXTREMELY important) I pledge that as a minority and member of the Winner’s Circle,I can NOT be afraid to invest. While every other race is investing and teaching their kids how to grow their money by buying companies, we are teaching our kids how to work FOR those kids growing their money and buying companies. I realize this sh*t is ACK BASSWARDS and whats even worse is its not even that complicated. To gain investing knowledge, I will open a book once in a while, change the chanel from BET to CNBC atleast once a day, talk to a millionaire atleast once a year, and even set up or participate in my own investment club so I stay fully educated and aware.

I fully understand that my money is losing value each day due to inflation. I also understand that I WILL not survive the next 20 years by keeping $100 in a savings account and I DAMN sure wont survive by investing that in some patent leather Space Jams. I do not want to be that 72 year old working as a Walmart Greeter. I desire to travel the world while my money works for ME and pays all of my bills while also supporting my childrens children. In addition, I am aware that if I ever want to be able to cover these obscene and ever growing medical expenses, even WITH insurance,


5. I pledge to stop eating BULLSHIT and think about both my current and future health conditions. This includes but is not limited to: constant excercise, maintaining a healthy diet AND avoiding risky/unprotected sexual behavior. Theres a reason there are little to no healthy restaurant alternatives in the hood and I refuse to let that stop me from working harder to live longer and be healthier.

6. I pledge to surround myself with POSITIVE influences – INCLUDING the music and lyrics I allow to enter my mind. I am fully aware that in the early days, hiphop was shunned by mainstream and corporate America UNTIL it was found to be manipulatable to their own benefit. I reckognize we then became under attack by our own bastard child that was conceived from the pain, suffering and realizations of inner city minority life. However, I refuse to ignore the fact that more goes on in the hood besides simply slangin rock, pimpin hoes, buyin clothes and makin it rain with rent money we dont even own.

Our modern day scholars – the Black Thoughts, Talib Kwelis, Lupe Fiascos and Mos Defs, have a much broader and more accurate story to tell, and I am tired of them being silenced. Furthermore, I completely denounce Wacka Flacka, Gucci Mane and any other one dimensional agent of the matrix we’ve been sent as a decoy.

I want my f*cking artform back along with the moldable minds of my children.

7. I pledge to stop placing so much emphasis on what society thinks of me and instead focus on what >>I<< think of me. If I am doing my part to help change the world and know that I am awesome, then there is nothing any man or woman can tell me that will change that. No man can tell me that my natural hair isnt beautiful. No man can tell me my skin tone isn’t desireable. No man can tell me my facial features correlate ignorance. No man can convince me that I lack the intelligence to complete any mission I lay infront of myself.

8. Finally, I pledge to BE the change I want to SEE in the world, or I understand my membership to the Winner’s Circle will expire null and void by the end of the month.


The Winner’s Circle – a secret collective of high impact individuals started/hand picked by me, who’ve all gotten fed up  with the system and have decided to do something about it. These people are planted all over the country now and theyre  changing shit you didnt even know they’re changing. You may run into many of them on Facebook as well. Suddenly got the urge to stop bullshittin your money away and have no idea where that urge came from? It was most likely a member using  the art of persuasion without being in your face about it.
Theres more than one way to influence change and murder the status quo. You can try and dodge me, but you can’t dodge all of us.


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