The Official Circle Awards 2010

It will soon be the end of one insane yet very eye opening and productive year for my team and many of the people I work with financially. With that being said,and to reward them for their valiant efforts, I’ve decided to do the second annual Winner’s Circle awards!!

Below, we will be congratulating the top of of the top as it comes to 2010 financial and life success as well as community activism. As an FYI, ofcourse I cant go into too much detail on each award recipient due to the nature of what we are discussing. However, they need to be reckognized for their amazing commitment to the readjustment of the status quo.

There are winners in seven categories: Best Income Increase for 2010, Highest Percentage of Income Saved During 2010, Best Commitment to Investing, Most Active at Bringing Financial Awareness in the Community, Strongest Natural Hair Advocate for 2010, Most Dramatic/Positive Financial Change from 2009, Best Overall Financial Performance for 2010.

Without any further ado…

Best Income Increase for 2010 Award Winners

1. Neeko Aquino

2. Kia Richards

3. Jovan Lopez

4. Camille Townsend

5. Jaaye Person-Lynn

Highest Percentage of Income Saved During 2010

1. Shelly May

2. Paris Renee

3. Kia Richards

4. Tari Lacy

5.  Rahviance Robinson

6.  Erin Yvonne Stewart

7. Natalie Gouche

8.  Francis Castillo

9.  Rayisha Pinto

10. Silver Hillman

11. Rayven Magnus

12. Anthony Butler

13. Jovan Lopez

14. Ashlee Laiken

15. Lauren-Elizabeth Black

Best Commitment to Investing

1. Shelly May

2. Neeko Aquino

3. Kia Richards

4. Bryant Pryor

5. Michael Davis

6. Tari Lacy

7. Duan King

8. Jovan Lopez

9. Toya Patrice

10. Anthony Butler

Most Active at Bringing Financial Awareness in the Community

1. Paris Renee

2. Shelly May

3. Kia Richards

4. Jessica Lesley

5. Gabby Buenelos

6. Rahviance Robinson

7. Rayisha Pinto

8. Focused Tiff

9.  Duan King

10. Ayla Montgomery

11. Anthony Butler

12. Calvin Cali Wright

13. Camille Townsend

14. Ashlee Laiken

15. Jovan Lopez

Strongest Natural Hair Advocates for 2010

1. Jessica Lesley

2. Tiffany Hobbs

3. Rahviance Robinson

4. Chimzi Wami

5. Paris Renee

6. Kia Richards

7.  Kitten Kuroi

8. Krischa Esquivel

9.  Nefertiti Nichole

10. Zelma Mae Bullock

11. Eboni Ukku

12. Ashlee Laiken

13. Robena Shelby

14. Jaysheena (Just jae)

15. Rayisha Pinto

Most Dramatic & Positive Financial Change from 2009

1.  Paris Renee

2. Brandi Betton-Craig

3. Eboni Ukku

4. Neeko Aquino

5. Rahviance Robinson

6. Rayisha Pinto

7. Jovan Lopez

8. Ashlee Laiken

9. Lauren-Elizabeth Black

10. Kelz Proctorv

Best Overall Financial Performance for 2010:

1. Shelly May

2. Paris Renee

3. Kia Richards

4. Neeko Aquino

5. Tari Lacy

6.  Jessica Lesley

7.  Rahviance Robinson

8. Rayisha Pinto

9.  Jovan Lopez

10. Ayla Montgomery

11. Anthony Butler

12. Ashlee Laiken

13. Camille Townsend

14. Lauren-Elizabeth Black

15. Tie-Kelz Proctor & Jeannette Proctor (same name,no relation!)

The grandprize winner, a winner in multiple categories, and The Winners Circle MVP for the second year in a row: MICHELLE (Shelly) MAY !

Michelle stuck to the same gameplan that got her on top LAST year – only this year she went beastmode. After building a substantial investment portfolio, she decided to go to grad school. But get this- DEBT FREE. She refused to touch her investments OR get a student loan. Instead,  she went hard and paid it in cash each month from whatever income she gets.

“When I tell you that shes been about her business starting from when we first sat down in January 09 to talk about her finances, I mean that she has been A.B.O.U.T. H.E.R. E.F.F.I.N. B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. If you want to know who I would make the poster child for success in regards to the things I’ve been teaching since last year, then look no further. An extremely competitive person by nature, from day one, Michelle has kicked ass and taken names. Maybe it was a game to her…maybe it was just a competition…who knows?

Not only has she done away with using credit, she follows her budget basically to the “T” every month, doesnt care what other people think, doesn’t try and impress anybody and is adamant about investing. She’s letting anyone and everyone she come across how to duplicate her financial success- especially her family members. She even converted her own dad to the power of investing and to her new way of thinking. Now if that isnt each one teach one while stopping the cycle of poverty among minorities…then I dont know what is.”

We must also give honorary award mentions to: Silver Hillman, Tara Flournoy, Gabby Banuelos, Rachelle Phillips, Melissa Phillips, Krischa Esquivel, Noquomas Wilson, Michal Brown, Toya Patrice, Misty Day, Stephanie Brown, Tai Williams, Nicole James, Kimberly Brown, Valarie MccCarty, Saudia Holmes, Taliea P, Robert Thompson, Krishonna Holbert, Sharod Jackson,Lucki Davis,Gianni North,Candace McEwen,Chanice Gordon, JoAnne JoJo Jones, Aja Scott,  Holly Sparks, Daniel Sparks, Tina Davis, Derrick Anthony,Janice Lyons, Erin Yvonne Stewart, Brooke Jean, Carmon Sells Scentsy,  Erin Marie Howard, Shonte P, Tsehainesh Abraham, Johnny Cruz, Chinyere Chamae Stallworth, Selena Soni, Nefertiti Nichole, Miriam Frost, Marie La’el, Irene Butler,Calvin Cali Wright, Gerald Ossey, Tatiana Grant, Tiffani Graham,Michelle A. Davis, Brandi Betton-Craig, Sammie Hayward, JoAnne JoJo Jones, Kimberly Westbrook, Shana Bassett, Allison M,Keini Quarker-Knox, Camara Price, Sha’Quaya Maine, Tatiana EL-Khouri, Brian Bwc,Amber Woodfork, Irene Butler, Ebonisha Beasley, Derrick Anthony, Stevee ‘Stef’ Wonderfull, Sony Drake, Chrissy Boone, Pykaso Diego, Darren Lloyd, Charlotte Flournoy, Brittni Richardson, Kendra Fountain, Melissa Fortino, Christyle Smith, Pierre Basmaji, Ashanti Oard, Tamara Powell,Joanne Hollis, Ms. Madden, Lena Brown, Marlena M.,Be Natural,Tanya Mclaughlin, Jah Clay,  LaTesha Tiffany Reed , George Granberry, Crystal Hawkins, Gregg 7 Oasis, Monifa Webb,Terry Idgaf Couture, Desaree Armenta, Duan King, Alicia King, Lady Green, Bryant Christopher Pryor, Amberelly Wright, Rich Brand Owens, Vanessa Joiedevivre Haywood,Joi Y. Simmonds, Robena Shelby, Katherine Moonbeam,Ty Ingram, Damica Lowe, Che Sargent, Cindy F, Sheydon Johnson, Kyi Armstrong, Arthur Leon Fuller, Crystal Jones, TaTiana Grant, Taj Faatagi, Andi Anderson, Jamica Hale & Mai Munney.

As 2011 approaches, it will be interesting to see whos serious about their ish and will aim to nock the previously mentioned winners out of their slot. If you truly want their spot then go for it! Just a fair warning: These winners don’t back down from a good challenge.

Also, you feel that you should have been included as a nominee in these awards then state your reasoning below. But remember, you must have lived by the following motto throughout 2010:

By less, live more and F*CK THE JONESES!

(Play this song while reading this post:


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