DJ Slapahoe’s Playlist for Week of 10/25 is Available Now!

DJ Slapahoe’s Playlist for the week of 10.25 is out now! “The first continuous mixtape” has been updated this week with the following brand new tracks:

  • NeYo feat. Fabolous- Crazy Love
  • J Holiday- Adam and Eve
  • Kanye West feat. CyHi the Prince and Keri Hilson- Take One for the Team
  • Travis Barker feat. The Cool Kids – Jump Down
  • Jagged Edge- Forever My Girl
  • Usher feat. Diddy-Lookin for Love
  • Marsha Ambrosius- The Ballad of I Hop She Cheats

and more!

DJ Slapahoe presents Slapahoe’s Playlist: The first continuous mixtape!

After becoming tired of so many mixtapes filled with subpar tracks simply chosen because they were just released that week vs. them having actual substance, I’ve decided to give you a front row seat to the music I’m currently listening to. Instead of a group of new songs that were just released each week, think of this as an ever changing playlist that may contain a few new songs just released but the core will carry over the hottest songs from the previous week. If I’m growing tired of a specific track then it’ll be axed. If I’m feeling the track more and more each week then it could be on there till hell freezes over (or we officially play it out). The song that has the longest tenure on the playlist wins!

Think of it as your own rebel version of L.A. radio only without EXCESSIVE rims, chains, G5 planes and everything else these artists pretend they can afford but can’t pay their taxes or child support. Ofcourse there will still be very few tracks with light money references because hiphop is all encompassing. They key here, however is balance.

Each collection of songs, which will be released on a Monday, will be available to be streamed online so you can hear the updated list of songs with the click of a button. Also it will be able to be downloaded in its entirety in .zip format, if you so desire. Just be sure to check our music page for the newest mix that will be posted!

Stream Week of 10.25.10 for free here:
Download Week of 10.25.10 free here:


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