Because spending your rent money and missed work hours at your temp job was well worth the investment…

(Shoulda opted for that time and a half Monday money, playa!)

"I cames ta Miami ta find mees a BALLUH!"/ Someone just ate Lil Kim
I guess they were playing the time honored game known as "Duck Duck Pigeon"

And now for an unpaid commercial break
More unpaid commercial break
If you don't get yo brotha and his cot damn DIRT SQUIRREL off the damn strip..
For real? THESE are the dudes you spent $1700 in airfare, hotel, ugly a$$ BeBe clothing and weave fees to go see?
I makes my momma proud! / My boyfriend made me paint a dick on my chest
Another unpaid commercial break
Final unpaid commercial break/ 401ks are for suckas!
My weave came with my hat/ My weave came with my headband/ 2-for-one-ratchet special
The cake I didn't eat went towards my makeup...
This is what happens to Surra de Bunda outkasts from Brazil..


And if you aren’t up on that new Brazilian Surra de Bunda dance yet…