Is it REALLY Cheaper to Keep Her?

In a very insightful blog posted today on BlackPeopleWorryAboutTheDumbestShit, the issues of being financially mismatched in relationships was explored in-depth by the site’s author. Some highlights:

I don’t want to sound as if I’m throwing rocks from my throne, but I do realize that if I were to end up with a woman like this, her debt is mine too; and that all the precautions I’ve taken to protect my own situation really wouldn’t matter anymore. My biggest vice is spending $25 a week on books and eating out, and I’m matched up with some chick who thinks she’s Kimora Lee Simmons? Damn right I’m concerned.

He also addresses the endless CNN specials full of single “successful” women that attempt to “tackle” the issue of why they remain single:

As if maintaining a closet full of clothes isn’t hard enough, they want a wall full of diplomas to top it off. I know 21-24 year-old women who are $70,000-$100,000 in the hole already and haven’t done a lick of grad, medical or law school yet. And still plan to.

Sometimes I wonder if these are the same types of women who you see crying on CNN about how they can’t find any “good black men.” Hell, these men are probably somewhere trying to avoid your massive debt.

You should check out the full post here:

2 thoughts on “Is it REALLY Cheaper to Keep Her?

  1. Meta4ce

    Black men go under the bus every day…Have been since day one.
    Can y’all (females) eat some of that shit for a second w/ out being catty ms tit for tatty?


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