Today’s Personal Finance Blog Highlights

We here at Thisiswhyubroke, are huge fans of the personal finance blog scene and think you should be too. For this reason, we’re providing a couple highlight from some of our recent favorite PF blog posts from around the net:

In Search of Hotel Bargains

J.D. over at GetRichSlowly recently did a great post on the huge difference in hotel quotes via the different companies offering bargain hunting. Some of his commentors also pose a great question: what else can be negotiated in travel packages?

Check it out here:


Never Cosign a Loan Unless You Want to Pay it Yourself

Trent at The Simple Dollar explores why its such a bad idea to cosign loans. One of my favorite points:

Third, when you turn a personal relationship into a financial one, you introduce a lot of strain in the personal relationship. If they default on this loan, what will that do to your relationship? It will be very, very hard for the two of you to be as close as you once were.

Check out the rest of the article here:


TheSunsFinancialDiary explores whether Banks in Schools can be used as a great financial literacy tool:


Wallet Pop Tracks Down Chris Tucker and asks him About Financial Advice

WalletPop chased “Rush Hour” star Chris Tucker from our shared flight to the Cannes Film Festival this week to baggage claim, wanting to know: What’s the best financial advice you ever got?

“Save your money, man, just save your money,” Tucker replied.

Read what else he said here:


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