Broke Because You Bought too Much Crap?

You know the Homie Craig Has This List…
Ok responsible people, today’s tip on becoming financially successful involves de-cluttering our lives. Society/advertising has influenced us to think most of the things we own are “necessities” when in fact, should we force ourselves to cut back on them or cut them out completely, we often discover we are much more happier without them. Ontop of that, when we begin to change our mindsets on the amount of crap we acquire, we also discover we have so much more money left in our monthly budgets!

As an exercise for the rest of the week (through Sunday) I would like each of you to take a note of everything you currently own, everything you are paying a fee on monthly and everything thats costing you money to simply maintain, then ask yourself this question. “What would life be like without this?”. If the truly honest answer is “not too much different”, then I want you to get rid of it by attempting to sell it. Remember, one of the quickest ways to repair your budget is through consolidation within your own home. No need to stress on going out and making more money…simply stop giving the money you do make… away.

As a person who also ran a craigslist business on the side for many years, I’ve decided to provide a few simple tips for those who plan to take advantage of such a great tool to squeeze cash out of your forgotten items laying around the house. Here are a few of my own personal tips for selling an item on Craigslist:

1. BE HONEST. People always find out the truth. Dont make false promises to get a buyer to your house and hope they ignore the discrepencies. And dont try to sell obviously faulty items.

2. Prep your items- clean them and make them as presentable as possible. Dont try and sell an old dirty piece of #%^$. You’ll also either make more or have an easier sale if your item is presentable.

3. Pictures, pictures pictures! Try and take 4 quality pictures from 4 important sides of the item you are selling. ESPECIALLY if you lack in the description writing dept. You know what they say…A picture is…

4. Research a fair selling price. Use other craigslist posts, ebay posts and google to search for similar items to the one you are trying to sell so that you can find a fair price to charge. If I cant find it on craigslist, I normally look to see what the average price of the same or close to the same item is on ebay. If you cant find it on craigslist OR ebay then google what the price of that item is selling for brand new and apply a general 60% or 70% street value discount to it.

5. Be detailed in writing your ad descrpition but not long winded. Try and get straight to the point without skipping the important details.

6. Dont entertain email responses with red flags. Red flags include: Emails that are more than 2 or 3 sentences. Emails asking you to transfer this, ship that or wire this (remember this site is for local selling. Ebay is for shipping.) Emails offering you to trade something or pay you in another method besides cash.

7. Agree on the sale price BEFORE they get to your house and then stand firm once they arive.(this is why your ad needs to follow rule #1!)

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