The SMS Revolution with DJ Slapahoe

Good hiphop. Soulful R&B. Smart Music with Substance

Flashy cars, platinum chains,diamond rims, excessive spending/popping tags and makin it rain content has been pushed through our streets and through the airwaves like its going out of style. Content has been traded for conformity. Group think  and blatant lies/financial embellishment has being encouraged within the creative process instead of the artist drawing their experiences from true life situations. From here on out, we are at war. DJ Slapahoe  has just teamed up with to bring you back that boom bap. That raw, unprocessed, true life ish with both substance and soul.

So with that being said, make sure to check out the weekly music updates under our music page HERE. If you’re an unsigned artist and you have new music you’ve just released that it DOESN’T have flashy cars, platinum chains, excessive shopping and makin it rain content, then email the music’s download link to so we may review it. But don’t think you’re going to be slick and still send us links to ignorant music then hit us with the guilt trip of “support your local artists”. We’re promoting GOOD, SMART hiphop and r&b from now on no matter WHO you are.Period.

About DJ Slapahoe, CEO, Slapahoe Enterprises-
Besides music, DJ Slapahoe has been fascinated with advertising and the way people buy and sell since back when he worked for the Los Angeles Black Business Expo and Trade Show as a kid. While attending Cal State Northridge he founded his company Slap!Media, an urban advertising vehicle. Slap!Media produced Hot Tracks, which allows local companies to advertise their businesses through the use of audio commercials and featuring their artists tracks. To generate clients, and to test his own marketing capabilities, the character of DJ Slapahoe was invented and implemented. Slapahoe, which was chosen to infiltrate the shortened attention spans of the new millennium college student so that they would be forced to hear positive music vs the ignorant music they were expecting, was so successful that a clothing line and a monthly DVD Magazine was spun off. Today DJ Slapahoe is one of the most sought after DJs and brands in the San Fernando Valley and his popularity continues to grow in throughout the Southern California college market.

DJ Slapahoe on Youtube:

DJ Slapahoe on Ustream:

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