The REAL definition of a “Decepticon”- an L.A. Story

Ok folks, we are officially taking over the term “decepticon” for ThisIsWhyUBroke purposes. From now on I encourage you to use this term in conjunction with anyone you notice committing any of these heinous financial crimes we say on a daily in LA.  This term should be your go to term when you uterly have no other words for how a person is creating a clusterf*ck with their finances to try and impress you or keep up with the Joneses.  Oh, trysr me, I know you know these people. Don’t sit there and act like you dont. 9 times out of 10 we can spot a decepticon 5 miles away yet we chose to interact with them and congratulate them on their new found financial f*ckery.

For those that don’t know what a decepticon is , some examples are as follows:

*A decepticon is your Hollywood/socialite friend who just financed a 2011 6 series Beamer and doesnt have $2011 dollars to their name. How do you know? They just asked you to borrow money last week. “Star Scream”

*A decepticon is the dude who “appears” to be ballin out of control buyin drinks for everyone at the bar but he is behind on child support and has NSF fees on his account every month. “Ratbat”

*A decepticon is your homegirl who talks aaalll this shit to everyone about dudes buyin her Gucci boots, Prada Bags, Tiffanys jewelry… this that and the third..but you be with her at the mall when shes putting it on layaway. “Soundwave”

*A decepticon is that dude up the block who claims to be a “Cakeaholic” but just filed bankruptcy and had his Range Rover repossed. DAME DASH.

In summary, a Decepticon is anybody who fronts financially for the sake of somehow generating false admiration from people who could probably give a shit less. Can you provide some examples of decepticons you’ve spotted?

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