Deals & Freebies from TheBlackJew

Hey everyone,

This is my first post on! I’ve been recruited to provide you with all the awesome deals and freebies I come across.  So feel free to call me the cheapest person on the planet. No really…you can. lol

Today’s deals:


The Los Angeles Legal Aid Foundation (LAFLA) was established to give low-income individuals the ability to obtain legal services free of charge. LAFLA can help you with not only your legal troubles and attorney services but also with domestic problems such as homelessness, financial assistance and more. Visit them for more information: Source: LA Freebie .

Pampers Cruisers

Get a FREE 3-pack sampler of Pampers Cruisers from Vocalpoint. Must be a member of Vocalpoint to get this freebie, but if you’re not already a member – no problem. Just sign up in the link above.  And, you can choose the size you want – 3, 4 or 5!  Source:

Free Hot Air Balloon Ride (perfect for dates!)

Thursday through Sunday Only: Free environmentally friendly balloon rides at Orange County Great Park. Every weekend of the year you can elevate up to 500 feet in the air and catch a unique view of the OC. The Balloon rides are all ages and can accommodate up to 30 people per ride, it’s also handicap accessible. Read more here:

2 thoughts on “Deals & Freebies from TheBlackJew

  1. Nice work! I thought you guys were hilarious and I’m kind of glad that after leaving my own comment on the Wealth Pilgrim I read through the others and clicked around. You guys will def keep people motivated and it’s hilarious..I dig the angle!


  2. Thanks for that, friend! We are very passionate about making some long overdue changes in the community along in addition to possibly changing the circumstances the next generation has to deal with… so this means alot!


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