A Re-Introduction

Greetings to all new readers and subscribers! Since the site surpassed the 1,000 hits mark in just 3 days of being open, we’ve deciding to provide a re-introduction as to who we, the site’s authors are. You know…incase you wanna catch one of us in the street and yell at us for posting your photos in the “Financial F*ckery” section. LoL

Over the next few days, there will be posts from each one of the site’s authors which will provide insight into our own personal experiences in “west coast style” financial fuckery. FYI-the site has a total of 5 authors although only 3 have been physically linked to the site so far.

Now, how can we be so brave when the majority of people in our community wouldn’t share this type of information even if the world ended? Hey, you might have thought we were joking when we said the mission is simple: “Buy less, live more. F*ck the Joneses”. The disregard for the Joneses part is key here because this is the point each author here truly is at in our lives.  You’d be surprised at what you’re able to accomplish and the amounts of money you begin to see once you simply stop giving a f*ck. Besides, we’re also brave enough to do it in hopes someone out there learns from our mistakes.

So welcome to the site. All we ask is once you are aware, share your knowledge with another person in the community!


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