Free L.A. Gang Tours

According to the good folks over at LA Freebee, this could be a good “free date” alternative for you and your boo:

This is not to glamorize or exploit the underprivileged communities where gangs usually reside but to educate you on the reality of what exists in our cities and what is being done by local law enforcement to keep our streets safe. Contact your local law enforcement agency to do a “RIDE ALONG.” Ride-alongs are free and require that you sign a waiver. Your day may include anything from traffic stops and domestic abuse cases to gang activity and shootings. There are no details on who may or may not qualify for a ride-along however, public employees, medical personal, college students and those involved in community organizations are most likely to be approved rather then just someone wanting to go on a Interceptor joy-ride. Below is a list of Los Angeles area police departments you can call:

Um ok…well wanna hear from the readers: Would you do this as a date?

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