Top 10 Reasons You Will Become a Walmart Greeter

2 important things you need to know: #1. If you use credit, you WILL work for the rest of your life. #2. Walmart Greeter salaries were just reduced.

Now with that out of the way, I present to you the top 10 reasons you will become a Walmart Greeter after “retirement”:

1. You pay your rent with your credit cards and your credit cards with your credit cards

2. The only raise you’ve gotten in the last 5 years was on the interest rate for your payday loan

3. You’re always the one lettin people borrow money….but they’re wealthier than you

4. You think Jay-z is referring to you and other people you know when he talks about ballerific shit

5. You think you’re getting over on the government by deferring your community college student loans but haven’t figured out interest is still accruing.

6. You dont know what the term “accruing” means

7. You think stuntin is a habit ….in other peoples whips

8. You think an IRA has something to do with the rifle association

9. The last time you had medical coverage was in jail

10. Your long term investment goal is to pay off your pimp


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